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The difference between alkaline

Le 27 juin 2016, 04:41 dans Humeurs 0

Chewy, soft, and bouncy in all the right ways, the ramen noodle gets its great acclaim from its inimitable texture. Though traditionally imparted by kansui, a solution of potassium carbonate and sodium bicarbonate that serves to toughen wheat proteins and create the signature mouth-feel for these distinctive strands, a more accessible alternative can be found right inside your kitchen cabinet. Philip smartly induces the same sort of chemical reaction in standard baking soda by burning it in the oven. Aromatic in a less than pleasant way, he recommends doing this step in bulk so that you only need to suffer the fumes once. You may question your sanity as the stench rises in growing waves, but you must persevere through the pain! The rewards on the other side of this acrid wall are great.  noodles and plain old spaghetti are like night and day.

Toppings are another discussion entirely, but my impression is that pretty much anything goes. Consider it the pizza of noodle soups; strong opinions about what is “right” and what is “wrong” are prevalent among purists, but if it tastes good, there’s no reason not to indulge. For this demonstration, key additions include deeply savory shiitake mushrooms, fried tofu, spicy pickled bean sprouts, and roasted cabbage. Crazy as it may sound, a whole head of cabbage is simply rubbed with olive oil and tossed in a slow oven for two hours, yielding an impossibly buttery and dare I say meaty morsel that very well could steal the show in a lesser bowl of soup.

The beauty of this combination, though, is the perfect balance of ingredients. Each addition is a strong player in its own right, capable of standing up to competing flavors without drowning each other out. While some continue to argue about whether it’s the noodles or the broth that makes the bowl, the real secret is that it’s neither. It’s the bigger picture of the dish altogether that makes ramen so great, and anyone focusing on just one piece of the puzzle is bound to be disappointed. Sure, it’s quite a bit more work than tossing a quick-cooking block of instant ramen on the stove, but every eater owes it to themselves to try the real deal at least once. You will never regret the time spent when you consider the true satisfaction gained by fabricating each and every facet by hand.

like she listening good

Le 3 mars 2016, 05:09 dans Humeurs 0

I fix her a little something low-calorie to eat cause that’s all Miss Leefolt let me give her. Crackers and tunafish or Jell-O without no whip cream.

“What you learn today?” I ask even though she ain’t in real school, just the pretend kind. Other day, when I ask her, she say, “Pilgrims. They came over and nothing would grow so they ate the Indians.”

Now I knew them Pilgrims didn’t eat no Indians. But that ain’t the point. Point is, we got to watch what get up in these kids’ heads. Ever week, she still get her Aibileen lesson, her secret story. When Li’l Man get big enough to listen, I’m on tell him too. I mean, if I still got a job here. But I don’t think it’s gone be the same with Li’l Man. He love me, but he wild, like a animal. Come and hug on my knees so hard then off he shoots to look after something else. But even if I don’t get to do this for him, I don’t feel too bad. What I know is, I got it started and that baby boy, even though he can’t talk a word yet, he listen to everthing Mae Mobley say.

Now I’ve gotten this question a few times from my other white kids. I used to just laugh, but I want to get this right with her. “Cause God made me colored,” I say. “And there ain’t another reason in the world.”

“Miss Taylor says kids that are colored can’t go to my school cause they’re not smart enough.”

I come round the counter then. Lift her chin up and smooth back her funny-looking hair. “You think I’m dumb?”

“No,” she whispers hard, like she means it so much. She look sorry she said it nu skin.

“What that tell you about Miss Taylor, then?”

“Means Miss Taylor ain’t right all the time,” I say.

She hug me around my neck, say, “You’re righter than Miss Taylor.” I tear up then. My cup is spilling over. Those is new words to me Dream Beauty Pro.

AT FOUR O’CLOCK THAT AFTERNOON, I walk as fast as I can from the bus stop to the Church a the Lamb. I wait inside, watch out the window. After ten minutes a trying to breathe and drumming my fingers on the sill, I see the car pull up. White lady gets out and I squint my eyes. This lady looks like one a them hippies I seen on Miss Leefolt’s tee-vee. She got on a short white dress and sandals. Her hair’s long without no spray on it. The weight of it’s worked out the curl and frizz. I laugh into my hand, wishing I could run out there and give her a hug. I ain’t been able to see Miss Skeeter in person in six months, since we finished Miss Stein’s edits and turned in the final copy.

interdependence and mutual inclusion

Le 20 août 2015, 06:02 dans Humeurs 0

Life, positive factors and negative factors: both have a good side, also have the ugly side, there is a happy side, there is a sad side, there is a safe side, there is not a safe side, there is a stable side, there is not a stable side 智能咖啡機.

Mo Jiayun think if life only positive factor, and no negative factor should be more good, I told Mo Jiayun, in fact, is not good, because sometimes, negative factors exist, the corresponding positive factors will exist. For example, sometimes, through the life of the cold, in order to understand the warmth of life. Sometimes, after losing, know how to cherish. Sometimes, the one who loves is suffering, and the one who loves and cares for it.

So I told Mo Jiayun about two stories:

Once upon a time there was a couple runs a small shop, because the lot is not good, so income is very low, the impoverished life, two people to each other, the compassion and take care of each other, the husband happen not to eat, hope his wife to eat, his wife can not bear to eat, I hope her husband to eat. Earn a little money, enough to buy clothes, the husband saw his wife's clothes are very old, so I want to buy a new clothes for his wife, his wife saw her husband's clothes are very old, so I want to buy a new clothes for her husband. Later, the section into the downtown area, the shop has become a bustling dressing room. The couple into the rich, rich life, don't need to worry about the food and clothing, but each other again also cannot find once that love, they feel each other sentiment is deepest, or have poor time.

Once upon a time there was a young man, the always dream of leaving home, to the coastal city to battles, after graduating from University, he realized the this desire. Drifting a few years later, he finally understood the loneliness, he lay on the bed, thinking of the warm bed, then he returned to the home, a warm feeling of the heart, this feeling is that he had never had the feeling of home life, but when he came home, mother is not alive. When he left home, told his mother: "wait for me to make a big career, it will let you enjoy Rong Huafugui invision group 洗腦." But it's already late, there is a famous saying called "the tree wants to be quiet and the wind is more than, the son wants the filial piety but not to be treated." He finally knew how to cherish the lives of his mother, but his mother was alive, but he did not feel the treasure.

After listening to these two stories, Mo Jiayun said with emotion: if life is perfect, only positive factors, there is no negative factor, then warm, cherish, compassion, love these four positive factors can not exist." I told Mo Jiayun, which also confirms the dialectics, the contradiction is mutual interdependence and mutual inclusion.

We don't have to wait for the negative factors, to know how to warm, cherish, have compassion, love, we can imagine the negative factors, and then to experience the warmth, cherish, compassion, love. I often fantasy and I don't Jiayun misfortune, every fantasy, can strengthen the warm, cherish, feelings of compassion, love, so I feel more mo love Jiayun the.

I used to think: Since God is omnipotent, why not make the world a perfect (only positive factor, no negative factor), why the world has so many defects (negative factors), and later I understand God's intentions, because some positive factors (such as: warm, treasure, compassion, Guan Ai) only in the presence of negative factors can exist. If our world is perfect, we never go through life's cold, how we feel the warmth of life, we never experience loss, and how to appreciate the value, we never suffered, and how to appreciate the compassion and love. Einstein has a famous saying, "God is subtle, but God has no malice invision group 洗腦."

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